Earthquake on March 16, 2022 – Local people’s voices

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On March 16 might night Japan time, a magnitude 7.4 earthquake occurred the coast of Fukushima and Miyagi prefectures. Trains derailed and more than 140,000 homes lost power.

I was able to contact a friend who lives in Fukushima and confirmed that he is safe.
He said, “it’s just a matter of things falling off the shelves, and I’m fine.”
I was relieved to hear that, but later news reports indicated that some people had died.

Seismic intensity

In Japan, the indicator seismic intensity is often used rather than magnitude. like following.


This time, the seismic intensity is six-plus. so the strength of the earthquake is “it is impossible to remain standing or to move without crawling. Most unfixed furniture will move and more objects will fall down.”

The Voice of a person lives in Fukushima

Here is one of the most liked comments soon after the earthquake from Yahoo! News.


My translation

I am a resident of Fukushima prefecture and the seismic intensity was 6 plus.
It reminded me of 11 years ago and at the same time, I was more scared than 11 years ago because this time I had children I had to protect.
The furniture moved so much to the side that if my husband had not held it down, it would have fallen over.
The rice cooker also fell off the shelf and soaked with water, etc…
I have to clean up the mess, but my child is crying because she is anxious, so I stay by her side.
Our house is probably about as damaged as it can get, but my parents’ house collapsed where the mud wall had cracked from the previous earthquake.
have confirmed that my parents are safe for now.
I hope no one will be killed by this earthquake.

My grammatical analysis


I stockpile 7 days’ worth of water and emergency food in case of disaster.
It also has an HEV that can be used as a power source.
If you live in a disaster-prone area, I recommend that you always be prepared with these items.