Decoding Sakamata’s handwriting

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I broke down Sakamata’s handwriting below.

Sakamata’s handwriting

This wonderful handwritten profile is the card that came with the wafer released by Bandai Namco on March 20th. Enthusiastic Japanese fans work hard to buy and collect cards until they find the one their Oshi.


This is very very difficult to read even for Native Japanese, and finally about only 0.1% of Japanese can read it. maybe. Anyway, Let’s see her handwriting!

名前: 沙花叉クロヱ
Name: Chloe Sakamata
私のことは 沙花叉 って呼んでね。
Call me Sakamata.
特技は 長時間すいみん で趣味は ??鑑賞!
My special skill is sleeping for long hours, and my hobby is viewing(enjoying) ??
笑顔で優しく思いやりのある最高 な性格だよ!
I have the best personality, smiling, kind, and caring!
チャームポイントは 顔面だよ
My charm point is the face.

My Favorite
食べ物: 明太子、チーズバーガー、ショートケーキ
foods: spicy cod roe, cheeseburger, shortcake
場所: 家、楽しい場所、ゆうえんち
place: house, fun place, amusement park
おにぎりの具: 明太子、ツナマヨ、梅、高菜
rice ball ingredients: spicy code roe, mayonnaise tuna, umeboshi, leaf mustard

休日は何して過ごす?: 寝る、遊ぶ、食べる
What do you do on your days off?: To sleep, to play, to eat
もしも願い事が一つ叶うなら?: 叶う数を無限に増やす
If you could make one wish come true?: Increase the number of fulfillments to infinity

Learn some kanji and vocabulary

名前なまえ name
また crotch, fork
特技とくぎ special skill
長時間ちょうじかん for long hours
睡眠すいみん sleeping
趣味しゅみ hobby
鑑賞かんしょう viewing (enjoying, watching, listening)
笑顔えがお smile face
やさしい kind, nice
おもいやり caring
最高さいこう best, max
性格せいかく personality
顔面がんめん face surface
もの foods
明太子めんたいこ spicy cod roe
場所ばしょ place
いえ house
たのしい fun
遊園地ゆうえんち amusement park
おにぎり rice ball
うめ umeboshi
高菜たかな mustard greens
休日きゅうじつ holiday
なに what
ごす spend time
る to sleep
あそぶ to play
べる to eat
ねがごと wish
ひとつ one (count)
かなう come true
かず number
無限むげん infinity
やす increase