How to Start UmaMusume

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What is UmaMusume?

Uma Musume Official
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ウマ娘プリティーダービー is a horse-girl racing simulation game released by Cygames in February 2021.
Basically, the system is free to play and charges for gacha.
Uma means horse, Musume means daughter, or one of the suffixes for girls.
It is still popular in Japan more than a year later.
However, the biggest drawback is that only a Japanese version exists at this time.
The first anime season aired in April 2018 and the second anime season in January 2021.


They are also great if you are interested in these horse-girls visual and world view. I recommend them.

Players act as trainers to train the girls and help them win the race.
The winning Uma Musume in the race will get the center position in the live performance held after the race.

OP “GIRLS’ LEGEND U(Short ver.)” Lyrics analysis

How to learn Japanese from UmaMusume


I think you can learn some Japanese with this game.
For beginners, learn Katakana from their name. All Uma Musume names are written in katakana. This is because they are named after famous real racehorses. If these girls have piqued your interest, wouldn’t they motivate you to learn katakana?

and more…

Gold Ship is also a Vtuber of ぱかチューブっ!

For advanced learners, the story part provides listening and reading practice. This is because the story part is fully voiced and has full Japanese subtitles.


I think that if you have mastered the basic grammar and vocabulary of a language, watching a story in that language with subtitles is one of the faster ways to improve.

Also, the game part requires a proper understanding of the Japanese language to proceed successfully, so if you like games, this may be more motivating than watching stories with Japanese subtitles.

How to install Uma Musume

This game is developed for smartphones and is basically only available on the Japanese App Store or Google Play at the moment. You can use QooApp or use a smartphone emulator like Bluestacks on your PC.


But today, I will explain how to play it from DMM Games!

DMM Games
Game Download page (DMM Games)


If you cannot start Uma Musume properly, try reinstalling the DMM Game Player and then reinstalling Uma Musume.