Nuances of Vtuber terms – てぇてぇ 限界化

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てぇてぇ : TT or TeeTee

“てぇてぇ” is the Goku-accented way of saying “とうとい”. (I-adjective)

“てぇてぇ” is a term used by Internet subculture lovers to describe a situation in which they have strong feelings of devotion toward work or character that go beyond “like” or “moe”. The word expresses a situation where emotions are so high that it is impossible to say “尊い” correctly.


It is used in the sense of “unapproachable longing” and “high value” found in content such as manga, anime, and games, as well as admiration for the relationship between the characters.
Recently, it is sometimes used simply to mean “the best” or ” fantastic”.


限界化 : Genkaika

限界化げんかいか” is short for “限界げんかいオタク verb (needs “する” after it)

An otaku has reached the limit of something he/she should keep as a person and has abandoned even his/her dignity as a person. Or masochism.

General meaning
限界 means limit, 化 means -ification, 
限界化 means It already reached its limits.


Refers to a state in which one has lost one’s sense of reason and has come to shout and express love according to one’s instincts.
Mainly incoherent speech and behavior (but we know that he/she is expressing his/her love for something) due to his/her language circuits being out of control.



[C]*2 does Genkaika due to [A][B]*1 is too TT

*1.[A][B]:Couple name (normally add the first two letters of each person’s name)
*2.[C]:Name of person (Otaku)