Summary of Mikeneko’s GenshinImpact Flaming

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Mikeneko started Genshin online game on April 9th. I made this video because there was a lot of talk about it on Twitter.


Summary of the Incident

Mikeneko started GenshinImpact(an online game)
Her fun Neko asked Nanase(a Genshin player) to help me level up for supporting Mikeneko.
Nanase refused, stating that the Nako was not up to the level of playing together in the first place.

(Level 16 and above can play together.)

The Neko then asked to sell the account, but Nanase refused.
Finally, Neko ranted, “I’ll block you and expose you,” and so on.
Nanase exposed Neko’s rant on Twitter and told Mikeneko and her fans that she wanted them to be warned.

I was just playing Genshin and received this chat. I don’t mind if Mikeneko does live-streaming, but since this has happened, I thought I would post this in hopes that you would do something about it. I would appreciate it if other players would take note of this.
#Genshin #Mikeneko

Mikeneko mistakenly thought that her impersonator was committing a malicious act and tweeted that I had nothing to do with it and that she should not tweet such things with my name in it.

Mikeneko @95rn16
It seems that people are taking the liberty of saying that it is me, but this person is just tagging me. I got caught up in it. This is not me and I have not had this communication. I am very annoyed. It is fine to mumble, but please do not include my name which is not involved. This is the result of this situation. Thank you in advance.

Nanase @nns_kokomi
Please be aware that (he) will force you to buy and sell accounts, etc.
#Genshin #Mikeneko #alert


Due to the nature of the Japanese language, the subject is omitted. If a subject had been intentionally added, it might not have been misunderstood.

Mikeneko’s followers had attacked Nanase, and she retired from the Genshin.
Some Genshin players were outraged over this and Twitter went up in flames.
Mikeneko and ファンネル trended and became internet news.

*The Funnel is a wireless all-range attack weapon that appears in the anime “Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam”. It is officially called a “funnel bit” or “funnel-type bit”, but is commonly abbreviated to simply funnel. “Criticism and attacks by famous people using their fans, followers, and patrons,” which is a term that has been adapted from Gundam funnels, are also sometimes referred to as funnels. Quote:

Mikeneko apologized on Twitter.

Sorry for the delay in notifying you. Some people use my name to buy and sell accounts at Genshin. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, distrust, and anxiety this has caused existing players. These people are not my fans and should be reported immediately. ↓continued

Those who do not think I am good, as well as my fans, will never do this kind of thing. But even if you are joking, please avoid any disruptive behavior. I am sorry for making your precious place uneasy because of me.

Nanase resurfaces and reveals that the incident was staged by her!?

I am sorry
All the tweets I had been making about the nuisances at Genshin were of my own making. My apologies.
At first, I tweeted with the easy feeling that I wanted to use Mikeneko to increase engagement. I did not expect the number to increase so much and I am very sorry.
I am truly sorry.
I don’t think an apology will do.
I am truly sorry, Mikeneko-san.
I am the one who has lowered the cultural level of the people the most, everyone related to Genshin. I am sorry.

Study of Japanese Language

Nanase exposed Neko’s rant on Twitter and told Mikeneko and her fans that she wanted them to be warned.